The PetPro Connect digital platform helps keep animals safe from a distance by linking veterinarians and pet owners through the power of telemedicine. Developed by Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health, PetPro Connect tightens the bond between veterinarians and pet owners, providing convenience and benefits to both.

The company is offering the service at no cost to veterinarians around the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pet owners experience PetPro Connect  or PetPro Tele+ as an app on their phone. Rather than skip a consult entirely, pet owners can use video to get the veterinarians’s input on issues such as a healing incision or minor rash. PetPro Connect also lets them submit rebate requests, schedule appointments and access pet medical records.

Vet-clinic staffers use PetPro Connect as a web-based portal. It integrates with most veterinary information-management systems and syncs clinic data and patient medical records.  BI developers are currently working with the major shelter software companies on integration. The PetPro Tele+ was designed as a bridge until integration is complete.

PetPro Connect originated at BI X, an independent subsidiary that Boehringer Ingelheim launched at its global headquarters in Ingelheim, Germany, in 2017 to incubate ideas for digital innovation in healthcare.


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