Ukraine Update with Greater Good Charities 3/29/22

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Join a moderated discussion with Greater Good Charities' Noah Horton, Chief Operating Officer; Denise Bash, VP of Pet Programs, Disaster Response; and John Peaveler, Director of Field Operations, Pet Programs (Good Fix), about their current efforts to assist Ukrainian refugees and their pets.

Right now, Greater Good Charities is providing much-needed cash assistance to humanitarian and animal welfare partners on the ground. They are also talking to other NGO’s that have a presence on the ground to work together as distribution partners so that we are not duplicating efforts.

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Denise Bash, VP of Pet Programs, Disaster Response

Greater Good Charities​

Denise Bash is the Director Disaster Response for After working for years in not for profit management Denise moved into disaster response for the Foundation. She has worked extensively in disaster field response for cruelty and natural disasters. Her role now focuses on Preparedness, Response and Recovery for partners all over the world, with a primary focus in the United States. Denise has a passion for grass roots organizations. She spends a lot of her personal time active in her own community. She volunteers for Animal Lifeline, an organization she founded in 2006 which focuses on spay/neuter, supporting other local organizations and community pet food banking.

Noah Horton, Chief Operating Officer

Greater Good Charities

Noah Horton serves as the Chief Marketing Officer for Greater Good Charities, a national non-profit that works to help people, pets, and the planet by mobilizing in response to need and amplifying the good. Since joining Greater Good Charities in 2013, Noah has helped to launch and lead the expansion of over a dozen innovative programs that work to accomplish this mission. 

John Peaveler, Director of Field Operations, Pet Programs (Good Fix)

Greater Good Charities

John Peaveler is an animal welfare professional with over 17 years of global experience, in the field of stray animal management, animal population management, disaster response, and animal handling and capture. He began his career in 2004 rescuing dogs and building an animal shelter and wildlife sanctuary in Kuwait along with his wife, Ayeshah Al-Humaidhi, which they ran together for 11 years. He has extensive experience in international and US disaster and cruelty response as well as free-roaming population management programs. John has also taught animal handling and capture training around the world, with a goal of helping handlers stay humane in all environments. John serves as the Director, Field Operations, overseeing and supporting a range of Great Good Charities programs.

Katherine Shenar, CAWA

Executive Vice President, The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement

Katherine Shenar brings 26 years of experience to her role as executive vice president for The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement. She has served as CEO for two animal welfare organizations and held leadership roles with four others. Katherine became a Certified Animal Welfare Administrator (CAWA) in 2020.

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