Market-Driven Compensation

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Recorded On: 09/27/2021

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Often organizations find that employee salaries are driven by available dollars in the budget or by candidate/employee needs, and over time you can find yourselves out of whack with the market or with lots of exceptions and inconsistencies. Using a system based on market data has many advantages:

  • It ensures competitiveness
  • Creates consistency
  • Allows for transparency and legally defensibility
  • It’s easy to communicate

All these things make it easier to fairly administer compensation.  It also allows us to periodically revisit the trends and structure as markets change.

Rhonda Palos, the VP of Human Resources for Oregon Humane Society, discusses market-based compensation and offers you a glimpse of the study OHS conducted to create their compensation system. She also shows you how OHS used The Association’s compensation and benefit survey to meet their needs.

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Rhonda Palos

Vice President, Human Resources, Oregon Humane Society

Rhonda has an extensive career in Human Resources spanning the healthcare, education and legal industries. Her roles have encompassed work on both local and regional levels and in both mature and start up organizations. The majority of her career has been spent in highly complex organizations including 20 years in nonprofits. The theme has always been a love of working for mission driven, socially responsible organizations. She has extensive HR leadership experience in talent acquisition, workforce management, compensation and benefits with a special passion around organizational culture and employee engagement.

Rhonda’s most recent role was leading Human Resources operations for 13 years at CareOregon, a nonprofit involved in Medicaid/Medicare health plan services, reforms and innovations. She was delighted to blend her professional experience and her personal passions to join OHS in 2017.

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