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Welcome to The Spring Conference for Animal Welfare

We’ve been through a lot and we’re going to get through this together.

As your professional association, we are committed to supporting you and providing you with vital resources for LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT, PEER-TO-PEER NETWORKING, and continuous PERSONAL IMPROVEMENT.

Our work by its very nature can be emotionally taxing. This  conference is designed to help attendees closely examine ways to build resilience, both for themselves and the organizations they represent. Learn how to take better care of yourself as well as the people and animals in your community.

LET’S JOIN TOGETHER through workshops, networking, and sharing, to focus on building resilience.


“At Hill’s we appreciate the important work of animal welfare professionals and the challenges associated in maintaining resiliency. 

As partners with The Association, we are especially proud to sponsor this conference so members of the animal welfare community can obtain resources and tools to sustain their commitment to advancing animal welfare. 

We’re in this together so we must support each other through education, collaboration and knowledge-building.”  

 - Joann Fuller, Brand Engagement Manager for Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Join us for Happy Hour Tuesday Evening!

Tuesday, June 16 from 7-8 pm

Come chat, network, and discuss issues important to our field. We offer you three different rooms and topics - float in and out of rooms as you please. Meet up with friends old and new.

Animal Welfare Topics Happy Hour  Zoom Meeting ID: 814 1556 6986  
- Facilitated by Shelly Moore and Ellen Taylor of Humane Society of Charlotte

Resiliency in the COVID-19 Era Happy Hour  Zoom Meeting ID: 816 5662 1598
- Facilitated by Betsy McFarland, Laura Maloney & Dr. Jyothi Roberston of Adisa Group

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Animal Welfare Happy Hour  Zoom Meeting ID:  847 3166 5362
- Facilitated by Johnny Jenkins of PetSmart Charities. and Christina Martinez and Yosha Brunson of PetSmart, Inc.

Come. Converse. Connect.