Recertification Requirements

Completing your Recertification Application? A new recertification process is now available. As of June 2021, the old portal, LearningBuilder, is no longer active.

Barring certification suspension or revocation, CAWA certification is valid for three (3) years from the date the certification exam was passed and may be renewed by meeting all recertification requirements within the published timeframes for completion. 

To recertify for subsequent three-year periods, a total of 60 “points” of continuing professional development (CPD) must be earned within the three-year certification period and the recertification fee must be paid. The points can be earned through a combination of the following educational and experiential activities; of the 60 CPD points required, at least 50% (30 CPD points) must be in either Continuing Education or Teaching and Training

Learn more about what qualifies towards recertification.

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NEW Recertification Process

  1. Use this new Recertification Activities Log to track your progress over the three-year cycle period of your certification.
  2. About 2-3 weeks before your certification expiration date, submit your CAWA Recertification Application, including your Recertification Activities Log.
  3. After your recertification application has been approved, The Association will send you instructions on how to pay for recertification. You must pay the recertification fee within one week of approval OR by the cycle expiration date.

Please note that the date your recertification application is approved is the new date for your CAWA three-year cycle – so if your app is approved on December 12, 2022, your new expiration date will be Dec. 12, 2025.

Recertification Fees

Recertification after April 18, 2021: new flat fee: $335 (Professional Member) / $670 (Learning Member) 

CAWAs have until their certification expiration date to submit their completed CAWA Recertification Application (including the Activity Log spreadsheet) to The Association. After the application is approved, they must pay the recertification fee within one week OR by the expiration date. 

CAWAs may have one 30-day grace period to submit their recertification application, subject to a $50 late fee. Only CEs and leadership activities within the three-year certification period will be approved towards recertification.

To take advantage of the Member rate, applicants must be a Professional Member of The Association in good standing when the recertification application is submitted; the difference between the Member and nonmember rate will not be refunded if a membership is subsequently purchased by an applicant who was a nonmember at the time of application. Recertification fees may increase over time; CAWAs are subject to the recertification fee in effect at the time the recertification application is submitted.

For more information regarding membership in The Association, please visit The Association Membership page

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