4-10-24 Study Results: How Do Access to Veterinary Care Challenges Impact Animal Welfare Orgs?

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Recorded On: 04/10/2024

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The nationwide shortage of veterinarians disproportionately affects the work of animal welfare and animal care & control agencies.  

Recognizing that we need to understand how the access to care crisis impacts our profession, The Association and The Program for Pet Health Equity at the University of Tennessee recently fielded a national survey to gain insights. Hundreds of organizations participated in the study which was comprised of questions related to personnel, budgets, and medical programs.

We need to understand the breadth and depth of these challenges so we can work toward solutions.  During this webinar, the study’s principal investigator and The Association’s CEO will share our findings.

Linda Daugherty, MPA

Associate Director of Research

The Program for Pet Health Equity, University of Tennessee

Linda has more thanthirty years of experience conducting social science applied research. Beforejoining the Program for Pet Health Equity team as the Director of Research, shedirected the Center for Applied Research and Evaluation (CARE) at the Universityof Tennessee. During her tenure at CARE, she conducted the national study ofpet families and veterinarians that was included in Access to VeterinaryCare: Barriers, Current Practices, and Public Policy.

Sue Neal, PhD

Research and Data Analytics Consultant

The Veterinary Care Accessibility Project

Dr. Sue Neal has over 25 years of experience in animal welfare.  She started her career as the Wildlife and Exotic Animals Specialist for the largest humane society in Michigan. This role inspired her interest in public policy and she went on to complete a doctorate in public administration, an MPA and an MS in Geography/GIS.  Sue has a strong interest in the intersection of public policy, data analytics and GIS, in particular as it relates to access to veterinary care and improving welfare for animals. She now works as a research and data analytics consultant in animal welfare, is a professor of political science at Arkansas State University, and is the executive director of a nonprofit nature preserve.  Her scholarly interests are broad and she has published in a number of journals including the top ranked Public Administration Review, the Journal of Public Integrity, Review of Public Personnel Administration and Frontiers in Veterinary Science.  

Jim Tedford, CAWA

President & CEO, The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement

Jim Tedford accepted his dream job when he joined The Association as President & CEO in June of 2015.  But Jim is no stranger to the organization.  He has been a member for more than 30 years and served as our Board Chairman some twenty years ago.  Jim has been actively engaged in the animal welfare movement for more than 39 years having served as CEO for animal sheltering organizations in New York, Louisiana and Tennessee.  He served as a regional director for The Humane Society of the United States and then spent six years providing direct response marketing services to animal welfare organizations. Jim presents frequently at national and regional conferences on various animal welfare issues, organizational development and not-for-profit management. 

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