The Certificate in Organizational Leadership

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Developed by Integris Performance Advisors, The Certificate in Organizational Leadership is a high impact, self-paced program designed for leaders throughout the animal welfare industry. By learning and applying the skills and techniques of this program, you will:

  • Be equipped to drive your organization to higher levels of team performance, operational excellence, and employee engagement
  • Become more emotionally intelligent while gaining deep insights into what drives you and those you work with to do the things you do
  • Understand how to make your teams as productive and cohesive as possible
  • Learn how to improve processes and streamline how work gets done
  • Gain insights about the behaviors you must exhibit more frequently to be the most effective leader you can be

Leaders in any animal welfare organization, including senior executives, middle managers, and front line supervisors will benefit from this course, as will people who strive to become leaders someday.

This course will be approved for a TBD-number of CAWA CEs.

Fees: $250 for Association Members, $375 for non-members. 

BULK REGISTRATION: Enroll 5 or more of your staff/volunteers for the program at once & save $50 per person. Not valid with other discounts. Contact us for instructions.

Registration will open after today's free introductory webinar: How Healthy is Your Organization?

Review the syllabus.

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