Call for Speakers

The Association Conference Committee strives to deliver high quality education that meets animal welfare professionals' needs. Our conference audience is made up of leaders at animal shelters and animal services agencies, including CEOs, directors, supervisors, and people who plan to be in leadership roles.

The tracks for our Fall 2023 conference will be:

  • Fundraising
  • Internal & External Communications
  • Strategic Workforces/Human Resources
  • Shelter Innovations

Speaker Expertise: If you are an expert on a current 201-level + leadership or management topic, especially one that fits into the above track topics, please send your information to the Conference Committee via Please submit your proposal in the following format and include ALL of the following:

  • Title
  • Brief description (3-6 sentences) plus (optional) learning objectives
  • Brief speaker bio
  • Links to prior presentations (especially videos; PDFs of PowerPoints are welcome too)
  • Speaker fees for a 60-minute workshop (note: we reimburse speaker travel)
  • Email plus phone number
  • City from which you most likely will be travelling

Submission Deadlines: 

For the 2024 Fall Conference in New Orleans, LA (November 18-20): December 31, 2023 
- we have not determined the tracks yet but they will likely be similar to those for 2023 (above).

Location and deadlines for the 2025 conference have not been finalized yet.