MindEdge: Project Management Courses & Certificate in Agile Project Management

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Our partner, MindEdge, offers a wide variety of on-demand courses on Project Management topics, including a Certificate in Agile Project Management and a PMSCP™ Certification. These courses have been pre-approved for CAWA CEs and also offer PDUs. MindEdge's Project Management courses and simulations will teach you the best practices for running a project and ensuring success. The courses cover the domains of project management and prepare you for high stakes certification tests. 

*** For full details and to register, see The Association's MindEdge Catalog here.  MindEdge courses are available to all of your staff and volunteers, so share this link to all!

Course Titles: (length and fee vary)

Introduction to Agile
Principles of Scrum
Certificate in Agile Project Management
Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® Exam Prep
Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® Practice Exams & Exam Strategies
Challenges for Agile Teams
Integrating Agile Into a Waterfall Environment

Also see these courses on Project Management Skills:

PM Skills® PMSCP™ Certification
PM Skills®: Critical Thinking and Decision Making
PM Skills®: Interpersonal Skills for Project Leaders
PM Skills®: Negotiation
PM Skills®: Communication
PM Skills®: Leadership
PM Skills®: Conflict Management
PM Skills®: Team Development
PM Skills®: Change Management
PM Skills®: Interaction and Engagement
PM Skills®: Planning and Project Design
PM Skills®: Embracing Risk and Uncertainty
PM Skills®: Tailoring and Adaptability
PM Skills®: Analysis and Problem Solving
PM Skills®: Expanding Focus and Alignment

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