Process for Advanced Approval of Events for CAWA Continuing Education (CE)

For Educational Providers Only:  The Association encourages conference, workshop, webinar and course organizers to submit their educational programs for advanced approval of Certified Animal Welfare Administrator (CAWA) continuing education (CE) credits. Following are the basic guidelines for the approval process.

Timing Be aware that it may take up to two weeks for The Association to review and approve submissions for advanced approval of CAWA CE credits.

Note: there will be a new, streamlined process for this in early 2021 - do not submit events until then. Contact to be notified about the process (past submitters will be contacted!).

Notice of CAWA CE Credit After the application for CAWA CE credit is submitted, and prior to approval, the following verbiage may be used by the conference or learning event organizer: “We have applied for advanced approval of Certified Animal Welfare Administrator continuing education credits.”

If some or all of the learning events are approved for CAWA CE credit, the applicant will receive approval via email, and then may include the following verbiage in marketing collateral, “Portions of this”, “All of this”, or “This” then continue, “learning event has been pre-approved for Certified Animal Welfare Administrator continuing education credits.”   You may state that each session is approved for the same amount of CE as its length: a 75 minute session is approved for 1.25 CE, 90 minutes for 1.5 CE, etc.

Approved learning events will be posted on the Other Events Approved for CAWA CEs page.

Tracking attendance The conference or learning event organizer must have a system in place to verify, if audited, who attended the conference, workshop, webinar or course. As stated above, please include the organizer's phone number to ensure that attendance at the learning event can be verified.  
Certified Animal Welfare Administrators (CAWA) should keep their own record of the name of the learning event and speaker, its length (i.e., 1 hr, 1.25 hr) and the name and phone number of the learning event host.

What qualifies for CAWA CE credit? Following is a list of topics potentially beneficial for the advancement of professional skills for animal welfare administrators: 

Exam Specifications / Topical Blueprint