Senior Saviors

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Recorded On: 07/21/2020

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Senior Saviors is a life-changing partnership, launched in spring 2017, the APA Adoption Center in Missouri has formed with several senior living facilities. The senior living facilities foster puppies and kittens, still too young for adoption, and then return them to the APA for adoption. The benefits to the animals abound from improved health, socialization, and lots and lots of love. The senior residents equally share in the benefits, with the greatest being the joy only a puppy or kitten can bring. Studies have shown that animals can be therapeutic for people, reducing stress, and lowering blood pressure. More reserved residents are coming out of their rooms more often, and are benefitting from increased exercise and socialization. At a time in their lives when they may be experiencing the loss of a spouse, loneliness, and/or increased medical concerns, companionship and happiness are priceless. Learn how to create a similar program at your organization.

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This webinar recording is part of the new Innovation Bank. The Innovation Bank is a collection of bright ideas, innovative programs, and research that your organization can use for inspiration. Recorded sessions will be added to the series throughout Fall 2020.

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Kim Brown

Vice President & Director of Operations


Before joining the APA, Kim Brown spent five years working in animal welfare and eight years as a combat medic in the US Army Reserves. With a bachelor’s in human resource management and a master’s in non-profit administration, she’s well equipped to grow the APA and draws constant inspiration from the power of animal companionship.

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