The Unicorn Foster Program: Reducing Length of Stay for Large Dogs

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Recorded On: 12/01/2023

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Every community has them: large dogs with behavior issues who stay in the shelter longer than other dogs. Maybe they don’t get along with other dogs, perhaps they’re escape artists, or maybe they have some challenging quirks. Whatever the case, the longer these dogs remain in a shelter environment, the harder it is to find homes for them and avoid euthanasia for behavioral reasons. 

Piloted in August 2019, the Unicorn Foster Squad was created to help save the most at-risk and vulnerable dogs. Learn how this innovative program helped cut the length of stay in half for a shelter’s most challenging behavior cases. Discover how your organization can implement a similar program to help more dogs, engage more foster volunteers, and save more lives. 

This webinar is based on a live workshop at The Annual Conference 2023.

This webinar recording is part of the Innovation Bank. The Innovation Bank is a collection of bright ideas, innovative programs, and research that your organization can use for inspiration.

Brittany Fleming

Founder, Unicorn Foster Program

Brittany Fleming created the Unicorn Foster Program at Gateway Pet Guardians in 2019. Under her direction, the program reduced the length of stay of their “unicorns” by 70%. Brittany has since created Save the Unicorns which is a consulting company that helps assist animal rescue groups with their “unicorns” in foster and adoptive homes. Brittany has a strong passion for seeing an animal’s progression from shy and scared to happy, confident, and social, no matter how they act on intake.

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