01/15/2020 Urgent Transport: Moving Large Numbers of Animals by Air and Land

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Not everything goes according to plan! Let’s discuss emergency and air transports and the use of the hub system on an urgent timeline.

Rather than letting perfect get in the way of good, we will examine how to safely and effectively move large numbers of animals during an emergency. We’ll also talk about how to implement a hub system to save lives during disasters (both natural or man-made).  Attendees will take away ideas that will help them develop a process to conduct large-scale and emergency transports that emphasize the comfort and safety of each individual animal.

This webinar is for any individual or group that cares for animals in a shelter setting or works/volunteers in animal welfare.

This is the final session in a new 4-part updated Best Practices Webinar Series: Companion Animal Transport (2019), based on the recently revised Best Practices document.

Approved for 1 Certified Animal Welfare Administrator continuing education credit and 1 CE  by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) for Texas Animal Control Officers.

Kim Alboum

Shelter Outreach and Policy Engagement Director, HSUS

As HSUS Director of Shelter Outreach and Policy Engagement, Kim Alboum has worked to create nationwide partnerships resulting in the placement of thousands of animals that were victims of animal cruelty, natural disasters, and overcrowding. Kim also works with HSUS State Directors to strengthen relationships between community animal shelters and animal advocates. She created the Shelter Ally Project, an outreach initiative to connect strong progressive shelters with shelters in need of support and training. The program also allows for funding of HSUS partners to travel and mentor shelters in creating lifesaving programs and address the homeless pet population disparity nationwide. 

Gina Gardner

President, Humane Society of Tulsa

Gina Gardner founded the Humane Society of Tulsa and uses her law degree to assist Oklahoma law enforcement and District Attorney offices in animal crimes including how to recognize them and obtain search warrants, execute humane seizure of animals, set a bond and forfeiture hearing and assist in the prosecution of offenders with evidence collection.  Gina manages the Tulsa County animal response team and is heavily involved in the Oklahoma state animal response team where her work in disasters has been recognized with awards by the Oklahoma Medical Reserve Corp and US Department of Health & Human Services.  She has a decade of experience in pet transport and in 2018 established the Pet Transport Hub for Humane Society of Tulsa which has moved over 4000 pets from municipal shelters in Oklahoma and Texas to Shelter Ally Program partners.

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