03/04/20 Taking the CRISIS out of Crisis Communications

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There has been no shortage of PR nightmares to make national media and social media coverage.  How the organization responds will determine how fast they can recover, yet many shelter staff and board members are inadequately trained or prepared to handle a media crisis.  In this session we’ll explore case studies of how both large corporations and animal welfare organizations have done it well, and also when they have fallen flat, so that you can prepare now for the inevitable PR challenges of your own.  Topics covered:

  • “Ripped from the headlines” PR nightmares in animal welfare and beyond where we’ll explore the accusation, the response, the outcome, and lessons learned
  • How to respond when your organization is at fault; your organization is being attacked with false information; or your organization was a third party, but still needs to respond
  • How to identify the appropriate spokesperson, depending on the accusation
  • When silence helps and when it hurts
  • Steps you can take today to prepare for a crisis of any size

Special guest Sue Castaneda, Executive Director, Cheyenne Animal Shelter, describes a PR crisis at her shelter.

This webinar has been pre-approved for:

  • 1 Certified Animal Welfare Administrator continuing education credit
  • 1 CE  by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) for Texas Animal Control Officers

This session is part two of the five-part Going Through Hell? Keep Going! webinar series.

Stephanie Filer

Director of Development, Animal Rescue League of Iowa

As the Director of Development for the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, Stephanie Filer oversees the staff teams responsible for the public relations, marketing, fundraising, volunteer, and adoption programs at the state’s largest animal shelter.  She has been in non-profit marketing/fundraising for 15 years and was initially thrown into the dangerous waters of crisis communication after being nominated to serve as the media spokesperson on her first day as a board member at her hometown shelter, in the midst of their legal and public relations nightmare.  Throughout her career, she has successfully navigated a variety of communication issues, ranging from “small social media fires” to “public relations catastrophes”. 

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