Lost Cat, Found Cat: Intake Reduction Services that Save Cat Lives

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Recorded On: 02/07/2022

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An innovative push for shelter reform calls for a shift in how shelters prioritize Lost and Found. Several shelters have seen dramatic increases in RTO rates for shelter cats after implementing state-of-the art Lost & Found programs. When cat guardians are provided with lost cat recovery assistance (and recover their cat), they mitigate that cat from entering their local shelter. 

This webinar examines programs and services that help shelters to decrease their intake and increase their RTO rates for shelter cats. In addition, learn how cat lovers and feline rescue groups are partnering with shelters to offer lost cat recovery services that save cats lives. Kat Albrecht will bust pet owners' myths about why their cat disappeared and where they went.

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Kat Albrecht

Director, Missing Animal Response Network

Kat Albrecht is a former police detective turned “pet detective” and Director of the Missing Animal Response Network. Since 1996, Kat has been training search dogs to find lost pets and is widely known as the leading authority on lost pet recovery training. Kat is the author of two books: Pet Tracker and Dog Detectives: Train Your Dog to Find Lost Pets. 

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