The Forgotten Pets of Domestic Violence

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Recorded On: 01/14/2020

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Your shelter (and you!) are a resource for your community. Animal sheltering is very much a social service that is expanding to meet the different needs of the public. In this session RedRover will explain our mission to protect the pets of domestic violence.  You will learn how your shelter can support your local domestic violence shelter and create life-saving partnerships for both people and their animals. We’ll focus on creating strong community relationships and how to get creative with your shelter space to accommodate the most vulnerable of pets.

Intended audience: Frontline Staff, Middle Management, Senior Management/CEO, Board Members, Volunteers

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This webinar recording is part of the new Innovation Bank. The Innovation Bank is a collection of bright ideas, innovative programs, and research that your organization can use for inspiration. Recorded sessions will be added to the series throughout Fall 2020.

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Devon Krusko

Field Services & Outreach Coordinator, RedRover

Devon Krusko is the Field Services & Outreach Coordinator for RedRover. Her work in animal welfare spans 10+ years and encompasses shelter management, emergency response, and animal control. She has spoken throughout New England on shelter enrichment, animal behavior, and best transport practices. She is passionate about strong community partnerships and progressive programs that keep pets with their people.

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